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Car Wraps Nottingham

Completely change the colour of your vehicle with Nottinghams first class car wrapping company and without the cost of a full body respray.

Car Wrapps Nottingham make you Stand out from the crowd with a bright colour or tone down the look of your car with a matte based coloured wrap, we can cater for every look and outcome.

It also helps protect the original colour of the car at the same time.

With is a thousands of different colours and effects to choose from. We can even create your own unique design if required.

Wheels & Brakes

Simply changing colour of your wheel or brake colour can significantly change the look of your vehicle.

We can virtually go any colour you require, with different textured finishes such as matte or satin also available.

​Each wheel is refurbished before painting, so no need for you to worry if your wheels have been curbed.

​You tell us what you want, we will do it.

Window Tinting Nottingham

Privacy glass / window tinting Nottingham not only give you that privacy that you wouldn’t usually get with stock windows but can also add to the look of your vehicle.

​Available in 3 different shades, light, medium and dark.

It also helps as a deterrent to potential thieves as they can not see what contents are in the car.

Tints will need to be booked in a week in advance, so take this into consideration if you are looking to book your vehicle in with us.

Contact us clicking the button below.

Body Styling

Completely change up the look of your vehicle with a bodykit, spoiler or diffusers.

With a variety of body kit suppliers out there, we have various options available for any car.

Paint Protection

All great cars need taking car of and we offer services to help you look after your vehicle the best you can.

​From a simply outside valet or G-technic paint protection to Xpel Protective Film which is cut specific to each car, both of which our team is official .

We also offer a top valeting and detailing packages, to revive that tired or damaged paintwork.