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Established and Founded 10 years ago by best friends Marlon Harewood and Andrew Cole, the business soon took off through the Marlon’s direct contacts within the footballing world. Initially dealing for friends in the game, the word soon spread of the impeccable customer service, gaining new clients ever since.

After a bad experience with one of his car deals Marlon asked Andy if he could help sort his next deal, once he did and all went smoothly, this is where the idea initially came. They both thought this could work and AC13 was created.

The business has been built on the service we provide to all of our clients and are trusted by some of the games biggest names. Although we are largely known for how many professional footballers we look after, you could easily be mistaken into thinking we solely deal with high profile clientele, which is wrong. Any person who walks through our doors will get treated exactly the same.

Who We Are


Andy Cole

From leaving school at 16 Andy began working in a car electronics shop, fitting the standard after market car stereos, sound systems, alarms and trackers. He also got to fulfil his love for cars through working on them.

Being based in Nottingham, a couple of the Nottingham Forest players visited the shop for their car upgrades, he soon built up a level of trust and friendship with a these players and this is where he and Marlon met and they became good friends ever since.

Dream car: Lamborghini Huracan or Range Rover SVR


Marlon Harewood

Former professional footballer having had made over 500 professional appearances, had a successful career in the game playing for the likes of Nottingham Forest, West Ham, Aston Villa and Newcastle to name a few.

His love for cars started early in his footballing career.

AC13 and coaching the youth teams at Nottingham Forest help keep him involved in football so hasn't had a chance to miss playing.

Dream car: Bugatti Chiron


Riccardo Leighton

Ric met Marlon and Andy playing football after being released from TNS FC after serious injury back in 2001.

He joined the company in 2016 after recently working in concierge and lifestyle management.

As well as being Director of AC13 Lifestyle, his main role is PR, media and marketing for both sides of the business.

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